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What makes a massage great?

  • Getting the massage you want
  • Getting the relief you need
  • Getting to the cause of the pain
  • A therapist that really knows what they are doing
  • A place to switch off

* Remedial * Sports * SLM * Deep Tissue * Swedish * Trigger Point Therapy

Remedial Thumb

Remedial Massage
Is great for an all body generally deep massage. It promotes muscle balance, deep circulation and flushing toxins away from your muscles. If you feel tight all over with no specific nags or snags a regular remedial massage will keep you maintained and ready to perform



Deep tissue

Deep Tissue Massage
A specific massage for a specific area, it  releases stubborn knots, old scar tissue and adhesions. The end result is to allow an area to move more freely and consistently with the tissue and structures around it.





Is the basis for all of my massage techniques. SLM is truly revolutionary with chronic pain sufferers or those with ongoing nagging injuries. Working holistically around the body, unraveling the real reason for imbalance and tension. Unlike traditional massage it will unlock your stubborn patterns and give freedom back to you body.