About H2H

“Hi”, I am Ben Wearing of Hands2Heart massage.About Us New_1

  This boutique massage clinic is set in Manly’s serene and beautiful North Head Sanctuary. The waiting and treatment rooms are warm and bathed in natural light. Established in 2013 this is the spot to sought out the care your body needs.

Often I have people find me as they may have sought treatment for a particular complaint that only returns days after their last treatment. Looking at your patterns, habits and body from head to toe, my SLM treatments get to the root cause of problems.

Instead of just focusing on the symptom, eg Sciatica, sore lower back, wry neck, headaches, achilles and calf pain. The focus is on what is causing these injuries to occur and reoccur.

With this in mind it allows me to work through your entire body, unraveling deep patterns that are causing the pain.

Ben_30With my treatments I will incorporate nerve lines, meridians, the fascia, your posture as well as the muscles themselves. The  results are longer lasting as they deal with the cause as well as the immediate symptom. Check out the MYOTHERAPY page to learn more about the difference in treatments to that of a regular remedial massage.

You can give me a buzz or contact me via email or the form to the left.

I look forward to seeing you soon.